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40.94 Acres

Timmins, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 15006
Price: $56,000
Farm Type: Hunting/Fishing
Acreage (Total): 40.94
Municipality / County: Timmins
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P4N 0B3
Listing Remarks
A Prime hunting property located midway between the City of Timmins to the west and the Town of Matheson to the east.

A total of 40.94 acres that is bordered by lots of Crown land to the south and to the west.

This is a nice property that has mostly sand and gravel and any trails you want to make on your property will be relatively easy to make.

Good road access as you can drive to this property in a car if you wished.



The property is in a “Resource Development Area”and is zoned “MINERAL EXTRACTION (RD-MX) so it wouldn’t be suitable for a recreational cottage and the City of Timmins won’t issue a building permit for one.

BUT you can build yourself a small storage shed to keep and store your toys in.

YOU DO NOT REQUIRE a building permit for a storage shed of under 105 square feet.


We saw plenty of bear sign and moose tracks along the road within the property.

Some people we talked to told us that there are some deer in the area as they have seen them.

Saw some grouse and a couple of rabbits.

USE this property as your stepping stone to hunt further south along the Gibson Lake Road.

The road goes on for many tens of kilometers and there are literally tens of thousands of acres of Crown Lands to hunt and explore on.

Located in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 29.

You can hunt on your property and then go fishing on the very close and nearby lakes.

Did you know that there are 3 lakes within a 5 to 10 minute WALKING DISTANCE and there are over 12 lakes within a 5 to 15 minute DRIVE of this property?

We found an ATV trail near the northern line of the property that starts on the road and goes west about 600 feet right to the shore of a small lake called DEEP LAKE.

A review of the MNR “Fish On Line” web site shows that Deep Lake has a maximum depth of 5.2 meters or just over 17 feet and an average depth of 2.2 meters or about 7 ½ feet.
The site tells us that this lake is and has been stocked with BROOK TROUT.

Yearling Brook Trout were stocked in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

The mature trees were harvested some 12 to 15 years ago and the new growth is that old and looks very good and anything that wasn’t big enough to harvest at that time is now 12 to 15 years older and bigger.

Because this area is mostly sand and gravel it is prime blueberry country and we saw lots of them.

Blueberries everywhere we looked and also wild raspberries.

Good mushroom country too if you like and know what mushrooms to pick.

So what can you do with this property?
Well, first, IT’S AN INVESTMENT.  GO HUNTING on the property and use it as a base area to go fishing from.
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Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
Acreage (Total): 40.94
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How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Elio Scocchia (807) 624-7977

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