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38.24 Acres

Timmins, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 15005
Price: $48,000
Farm Type: Hunting/Fishing
Acreage (Total): 38.24
Municipality / County: Ogden Township, Timmins
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P4N 0B3
Listing Remarks
This property will appeal to the hunter or explorer who wants to be on their own without having to see other hunters , where you don't have to compete for game with other hunters.
This could be your ESCAPE TO PROPERTY, A great place to just go and get away from it all for a short period of time and don't think about work or other worries.

  • Good FISHING

Then property is mainly high flat land.  At best it may be described as a rolling type of terrain.
The soil has clay mixed in.  There is a nice active beaver pond on the property and this pond is home to a family of beavers and their beaver lodge.  The pond is about one and a half acres in size (see the pictures).  The southwest corner of the property is a very short 118 meters or 387 feet away from the Mountjoy River.  At this point the river averages from 38 feet wide to about 45 feet wide.  Make yourself a trail to the river and leave a small 12 foot boat to go fishing on up and down the river.  Don’t want a small boat then use a canoe or a kayak and have fun fishing.

The northwest corner of the property is even closer to the Paradis Creek. The distance from the corner to the creek is only about 45 meters or about 147 feet.  Fish this creek for Speckle Trout.
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
Acreage (Total): 38.24
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Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Elio Scocchia (807) 624-7977

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