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938 Acres

Cash crop
Red Deer, Alberta

Listing Details
Property Id #: 14618
Price: $425,000
Farm Type: Cash crop
Acreage (Total): 938
Municipality / County: Red Deer County
Province: Alberta
Postal Code: T4G 0M9
Listing Remarks
'Valley Crest Heritage Farms' will be offered for sale by by way of online electronic tender on July 5, 2022 from 9am-11am MDT in 5 parcels. The price listed is the Starting Bid for Parcel 5 - see website for Starting Bids for each parcel.

Just fifteen miles southwest of the City of Red Deer, and two miles north of the Hamlet of Markerville, Alberta, you can discover authentic and historic country charm at its finest. A testament to its heritage, ‘Valley Crest Heritage Farms’ received the Century Farm and Ranch award in 2003, back when Ralph Klein was the Premier of Alberta. Time marches on and the original Johnston homestead and the surrounding land base is now being placed up for sale by the Johnston family - after being in the family for 119 years. If you are too busy to read this entire story about the farm, we recommended just checking the soil classification map and speed dialling your banker for approval.

It is said that with the passage of time farmsteads either get old or get better, just like fine wine. If ‘Valley Crest Heritage Farms’ were wine, it would undoubtedly be on the Reserve List. It doesn't get any better when you have the best land that is in what is arguably one of the most elite farm areas in Western Canada. The farm itself is comprised of six contiguous quarters of highly fertile land with deep topsoil that is high in organic matter. The farm has never left the Johnston family, which is reflected in the way improvements have been carefully maintained to the highest standard. Situated in the centre of everywhere, the farm is just 12 minutes to Spruce View or Sylvan Lake, 18 minutes to Innisfail or Eckville and 35 minutes to Olds or Rimbey.

PARCEL 1 is that highly sought-after, wide-open quarter section. The quarter sits high above the ‘Valley Crest Heritage Farms’ home quarter. Well-drained, this Parcel offers up the opportunity for the widest variety of cropping options. Along with all the other quarters making up the farm, Parcel 1 experienced sustainable agriculture one hundred years before the term was coined. Every acre that makes up ‘Valley Crest Heritage Farms’ has seen the back end of a cow more than the front end of a tractor. Parcel 1 comes with current Surface Lease Revenue.

PARCEL 2 is the twin quarter to Parcel 1, making up the entire half section less the farmstead being subdivided out of Parcel 2. The Parcel has pavement to its southwest corner. With Parcel 1 and Parcel 2 selling with a Universal close, buyers are assured the opportunity to own both quarters and keep the half-section intact if they wish. Another option is to buy Parcel 2 by itself or buy it with Parcel 5, the carved-out farmstead on the west side of the quarter on Range Road 21.

PARCEL 3 is being offered for sale as a complete half-section of prime farmland with significant Surface Lease Revenue. Most of the half is already cultivated and more could be brought under cultivation with ease. The east side of Parcel 3 has a 32 by 94-foot cattle shed along with a 2W handling system and a cattle squeeze that are included in the sale of the Parcel. Situated in a valley, this Parcel, just like the others, has ample water storage that is replenished each Spring.

PARCEL 4 is a half section with pavement along the eastern and southern perimeters. This half boasts significant Surface Lease Revenue. The acreage and surrounding outbuildings located on the northeast quarter do not form part of Parcel 4. The half-section has been transitioning to add cultivated acres and the new owner could continue this transition. If you look back on this half-section two years after the sale day, you will likely say it was the buy of the ‘Valley Crest Heritage Farms’ sale in 2022. This Parcel, along with Parcels 1, 2 and 3, forms th
Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: SE-12-37-2-W5
S 1/2 11-37-2-W5
Subdivision out of SW-12-37-2-W5
Acreage (Total): 938
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Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: 1-866-263-7480

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