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57.32 Acres

Timmins, Ontario

Listing Details
Property Id #: 12796
Price: $28,500
Farm Type: Hunting/Fishing
Acreage (Total): 57.32
Municipality / County: Timmins
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P0K 1P0
Listing Remarks
A beautiful hunting property just west of the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario. This property is approx. 10 kilometers or about 6 miles west of the city of Timmins, and really about only a 10 minute truck drive and then about another 15 minutes ATV drive from civilization. More specifically the property is within Bristol Township south of the City of Timmins in Northeastern Ontario. BRISTOL TOWNSHIP is an organized township as it is within the very large boundary of the City of Timmins. Being an Organized Township that lies within the boundary of the City Of Timmins and NOT FRONTING on a municipally maintained road means that you are restricted to building what is commonly referred to as a “hunt camp”. The hunt camp can have a base no larger than 500 square feet and you cannot live in it year round.

CROWN LAND borders the property to the immediate north. CROWN LAND borders the property to the immediate west. The property to the immediate east is owned by THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF TIMMINS. The property to the immediate south is owned by THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF TIMMINS.

The trail goes through Crown Lands so access is not an issue.

It’s a fairly easy drive from Timmins to the Malette Lumber Road and then up that road to where you have to get on an ATV.

ACCESS LIKE THIS will tend to discourage the majority of the general public from coming here and most of any traffic to this area would most likely be people who may be curious or lost. Over the last few years the ATV trail has started to grow in but a few days of brushing it out will do wonders for the trail. More work on the trail may result in you being able to drive your truck in for quite a ways and someday eventually be able to drive all the way into your property. A review of the original patent shows the following;

And a further review shows that MINERAL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED TO THE CROWN as they were forfeited back to the Crown in 2003 for non- payment of the mineral taxes.

The seller does not have a copy of the survey but the original patent tells us that the property was surveyed on the 20th day of June, 1923 by an Ontario Land Surveyor named Charles W. Gallagher. A copy of this survey would be on file at the Registry Office in Cochrane.

Even though the trees are reserved to the Crown you can get a permit from the MNR to cut trees for your personal use like say for firewood or to even build your cabin at a minimal cost. You can also cut up any dead trees for firewood.

The property is mostly level land with a higher area at the northwest section of the property. A review of the topographical maps show NO LOW or WET SPOTS on the property. Looking at the aerial photos of the property it appears that the property is well treed mostly with mature Jack Pines, Spruce and Poplar Trees. It looks like at least half the property is in POPLAR TREES. Our guess is that these trees are between 25 to 40 years old.

The southwest corner of the property is low and can be a little wet at times but that is where the moose like to hang out at. The majority of the property is high and dry and mostly level land. You can build your tree stands on the ATV trails and cut out some shooting lanes throughout the property and place tree stands at the end of each shooting lane. The property is in a great area to explore for the ATV enthusiasts, with all the riding trails throughout the property and the area. In the winter months you will also enjoy fantastic snowmobiling in the area as there are many groomed snowmobile trails.

A copy of the original 1927 survey of the property is available.

There are a few nice sized lakes in close proximity like Horseshoe Lake, Cooks Lake, Waterhen Lake, Kamiskotia Lake and more plus some nice rivers. The data from Fish-On states that they ho
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Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: not available
Acreage (Total): 57.32
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How to View: Contact Listing Agent: Elio Scocchia (807) 624-7977

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