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300 Acres

Rustico, Prince Edward Island

Listing Details
Property Id #: 10369
Price: $4,800,000
Farm Type: Dairy
Acreage (Total): 300
Province: Prince Edward Island
Postal Code: C0A 1N0
Listing Remarks

Great dairy farm centrally located in Queens with ~300 clear acres and 63.25 KGs quota. The property is in excellent shape and comes with quite a few buildings/barns. One of which is a newer Tie-stall barn with high ceilings, insulation, lots of lights, and a milk house attached. Comes with BEC Feeding system. Other buildings include; hay-barn with 2 new lean-ons, heifer barn (steel frame), 2 open heifer barns, which have a concrete slab connecting each other. There is also a silo and a mill house. Plus, 5 smaller outbuildings.

There are two houses that come with the farm, one is newer. The newer house is a 4-bed, 3-bath, very spacious home. This house has had a new addition recently, doubling it in size (26x36, add on 25x30 incl. garage). One bedroom and one bathroom located downstairs, along with open-concept living room and kitchen. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms located upstairs, one of which is a master with en-suite. One-car garage attached to the house (15 x28 ).

The other house is older and requires updating. Located downstairs is an entryway/laundry area, kitchen & pantry, front porch, living room, a parlor, and one bedroom. There are four more bedrooms upstairs with one full bathroom.

There are 43 milkers, 8 dry cows, 23 bred heifers. 8 open heifers,  and 30 calves under one year.

Machine list available upon request.

Residence Remarks
Property & Land Remarks
Property Legal Description: Dairy farm centrally located in Queens with ~300 acres clear and 63.25 KGs quota.
Acreage (Total): 300
Workable Acres: 281
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Additional Listing Remarks
How to View
How to View: Contact Listing Agent - Marianna Westerkamp (902) 384-1297 or

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