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'Land of Dreams': a space for newcomers to grow crops and respect Indigenous roots

Reference: CBC News

The Land of Dreams is a space for Calgary newcomers to rekindle with their roots while appreciating Alberta's Indigenous history.

The Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS), the settlement agency behind the initiative, transformed a 30-acre stretch in southeast Calgary last year into fertile land for newcomer families to grow herbs and vegetables.

"It would be a place for them to feel at home because that is a land where they can touch the dirt and they can do a lot of exciting things," said Fariborz Birjandian, CEO of CCIS,

Many newcomers come from farming backgrounds, Birjandian noted.

"They're leaving their small village where they had a small piece of land to work on and now living in a small apartment in Calgary," said Birjandian.

"That piece was missing from their life and we wanted to bring that back to [them]."

Birjandian said about 100 people "jumped" at the opportunity to participate this year with planting efforts already underway in the last week... Read More