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  • FCC Young Farmer Summit ~ Winnipeg, March 2020

    Mar 03/20

    I have been hearing amazing things about FCC’s Young Farmer Summits being held across Canada.

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  • ‪🎧 Sneak Peek For This Week

    Feb 25/20

    This week, I chat with Zach Johnson the Millennial Farmer...

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  • (Show Trailer) Episode 76: We Need To Do More Ag w/Kim Keller

    Feb 20/20

    “I received a message from someone who had just lost a client to a farming suicide” said Kim.

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  • Join Us On YouTube

    Feb 19/20

    Every Wednesday, we post a full length video show dedicated to exploring the subjects that are important to farmers.

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  • CropConnect2020: Upcoming Episode Preview - The MN Millennial Farmer

    Feb 12/20

    Look who I just recorded an episode with....Zach Johnson the Millennial Farmer.

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  • Subscribe to The Impact Farming Show on YouTube

    Dec 29/19

    Did you know that you can watch full episodes of The Impact Farming Show on YouTube?

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  • It's A Wrap for 2019 Recordings

    Dec 19/19

    We just wrapped up the final Impact Farming Show episode recording of 2019.

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  • The Impact Farming Show Wins Best of CAMA Award

    Nov 18/19

    Farm Marketer is pleased to announce that The Impact Farming Show won a BEST OF CAMA 2019 Award at the awards gala

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  • We Won!!!

    Nov 14/19

    We won!!! The Impact Farming Show won the Broadcast News, Webinars, podcasts or Taped Program category.

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  • It's Best of CAMA Gala Time

    Nov 14/19

    It's one of my favorite evenings of the year...Best of CAMA.

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