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How advisors add value to your farm management plan

Reference: FCC

Experts in various fields can help farmers better understand the nuances of farm management. Consulting with one or more farm advisors in aspects ranging from farm transition to animal care gives farmers focused advice from specialists.

But the array of farm advisors is wide-ranging, and knowing who’s needed for farm management can be a challenge. And while gathering for in-person visits at the farm may have once been common, current practices now call for advisory sessions by phone, video call or physically distanced on-farm visits. Regardless, getting advice from an expert is still valuable. Here’s a look at some of the experts available in the field.

Beyond doing your tax return, accountants can work with farmers as business advisors.

“Your accountant should be able to help you understand the financial impact of larger decisions by running cash flow projections, and answer/ask key questions,” says Maggie Van Camp, BDO Canada’s national agricultural practice development leader... Read More