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Grain producers are seeking support after weather decimated harvests

Reference: CTV News

LONGUEUIL -- The early arrival of snow has added to a tough season for grain producers across the province who are now asking to sit down with the CAQ government to figure out how to cover their losses.

Benoit Legault, General Manager of the Producteurs de grains du Qu├ębec (PGQ), which represents about 10,500 farmers, reported their distress at the weather conditions complicating the corn harvest. It promises to be painful and costly, since only a quarter of the area has been harvested by mid-November.

"The spring weather conditions meant that farmers took two to three weeks to plant. It can happen some years and the summer sometimes allows catching up. But this year, the growing conditions were a bit below average, so we already saw that the plants were more vulnerable," said Legault....Read More