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Fresh flour mills cater to consumers seeking whole, traceable baking ingredients

Reference: FCC

VANCOUVER - In a small warehouse near the southern edge of Vancouver, a man scoops freshly milled flour into brown paper bags stamped "Flourist" that will soon ship out to customers hungry for fresh, additive-freebaked goods.

Flourist and other fresh flour producers have seized on rising demand for whole, traceable baking ingredients, as well as a stronger connection between consumers and farmers.

Flourist's cofounders wanted to make fresh flour — the type without any additives and that needs to be stored in a fridge — available to Canadians.

"Flour should be consumed fresh after milling and it just wasn't something we had access to in grocery stores at all," says cofounder Shira McDermott, lamenting the long list of ingredients that can be used in mass-produced flour to keep the product stable over time...Read More