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Focused tech adoption produces optimal benefits

Reference: FCC

A successful technology strategy has nothing to do with how many innovations are on your farm. You can have a very successful approach to technology without using many or any new products or processes. To me, true tech success involves the following steps:
  1. Knowing and understanding what’s available, both in ag and elsewhere
  2. Spotting emerging technologies or innovations that may solve specific problems on your farm
  3. Running a realistic cost-benefit and payback analysis
  4. Conducting small-scale trials when possible
  5. Implementing the winners and monitoring closely
If a farmer says to me, “I’ve done the research and crunched the numbers and it’s just not a fit for us,” it speaks to a successful tech strategy. If someone says they have no use for a specific technology based on a negative attitude and assumptions, I think that’s a failing strategy. It’s equally flawed to get caught up in the hype surrounding something new and jumping in, hoping for the best... Read More