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Farmers 'in high gear' as perfect planting weather arrives

Reference: CTV News

The seeds are finally going in the ground across most of Ontario, as Mother Nature has provided farmers with perfect planting weather.

“I didn’t think it was going to come this fast, but it came on strong. It’s just nice to finally be at it, before summer comes,” said Carter Cloakey, who was planting corn near Belgrave, Ont. this morning.

Adam Garniss was a few concessions away, preparing his field for corn as well. Something that seemed unlikely just a couple of weeks ago.

“Spring was late getting here, for sure. Cold and wet for a long time, and we were getting antsy. But, this week has been great. A lot of corn has gone in the ground, even a few beans starting as well,” the Huron County farmer said.

Garniss says planting may be about a week or two late due to the wet and cold spring, but Ontario farmers have largely made up for it this week — putting the pedal to the metal during this primo planting weather.

“Finishing corn hopefully today. On to beans this weekend or next week. Still a lot of spring to go, though. A lot of crop to go into the ground, yet,” he added.

Farming is a hope-based business, says Cloakey, so while there’s no crystal ball for what lies ahead weather-wise, farmers will be enjoying this perfect weather, as long as it lasts.

“Definitely the best time of year,” he added.

“We’ve got awesome prices, weather is co-operating, so we hope for big yields. It’s all we can ask for, right,” a smiling Adam Garniss said... Read More