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Consider family dynamics in farm management plans

Reference: FCC

Family farm. The name says it all. Some, if not all, workers involved in farms across the country are members of the same family. Not only do they have long and sometimes complex histories together, but they are also in business together. That combination, experts say, can add complications to managing the operation.

“The term, family dynamics, refers to the patterns of relating to, or interactions between, family members and the resulting picture of the family and family farm business,” says Jim Soldan, a family business trainer in British Columbia. “Each family system, and its dynamics, is unique.”

Relationships may include employer, employee, shareholder, in–law, off-site family member or family members who may live in the same yard or even in the same house. Then there are the roles that impact family dynamics, such as parents also being supervisors, and when and where one role ends and the other begins...Read More