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Climate change could open new land to farming, but caution needed: study

Reference: FCC

Climate change could open a whole different area in Canada to farming, says newly published research.

But Evan Fraser of the University of Guelph, a co-author of the international study, warns that simply turning northern forests into waving wheat fields would sow disaster.

"Canada is actually holding a good card when it comes to climate change, and one of the potentially positive changes is a longer growing season in our backyard," he said. "There is an interesting opportunity to generate food in a world that needs more.

"(But) there's some very serious environmental consequences."

Fraser and his colleagues looked at temperature and precipitation projections for large swaths of the globe currently unsuitable for growing crops. They found that, if only those two factors are considered and current international greenhouse gas policies continue, climate change could by 2060 open up land equal to about 30 per cent of that now under cultivation...Read More