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City of Windsor approves Isolation and Recovery Centre if province provides funding

Reference: CBC News

The City of Windsor will support an Isolation and Recovery Centre in the city for agri-farm workers during the pandemic, but only if the province or federal government agrees, in writing, to fully fund the operation — a decision made during Monday's council meeting.

Medical officer of health Dr. Wajid Ahmed said nearly half of COVID-19 cases have been agri-farm workers, calling the isolation centre "critical" locally.

According to the city council report, eight hotels and motels in Windsor-Essex were used to house isolated workers at one point, and was later reduced to two sites.

While hundreds of people used these centres at points earlier in the year, David Musyj, the CEO of the Windsor Regional Hospital, said the hotel, which currently operates as the Isolation and Recovery Centre, sits vacant.

He also said the facility will help during a potential second wave.

"Hopefully we never have to use the hotel again," he said. "However, we're just seeing in the last 24 to 48 hours a lot of news with respect to the increase in cases provincially and a lot of concern and a lot of red flags being raised."

The province has done a warm-transfer with training to city staff, who will take over operation of the centre.

During the meeting, Jelena Payne, Commissioner of Community Development and Health Services, said the Windsor location operates as a centre for people who are homeless to isolate and recover from COVID-19.

She also mentioned there are discussions to combine the isolation centres to save on resources... Read More