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Balancing online studies and farm life takes planning

Reference: FCC

Being at home as a student is different than on-campus studies. However, it’s perhaps no less unique than being a post-secondary student for the first time.

How will a student manage farm work and academic studies? It’s going to take planning and hard work.

The number one way to guarantee success when turning living space into a lecture hall is to speak up, according to Elaine Froese, a farm family coach in Boissevain, Man.

“It really boils down to managing expectations,” Froese says. “We are all unique and different, even in the same family.”

After mediating hundreds of farm families over the years, Froese knows the power of speech and how requests are made are key to families successfully working together.

For example, if students find the farm demands are taking away from class time, they could begin a discussion at home with, "Can we talk about work hours? I need to reduce my time on the farm with more time on my courses to be ready for midterms. I’m feeling really stressed right now. I don’t want to disappoint you, yet I really need to block more time to study. What works for you?”... Read More