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As Africa trip nears end, Trudeau visits farm in Senegal helped by Canadian aid

Reference: FCC

KERI, Senegal - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting a farm in Senegal's "California" today, seeing first-hand the benefits of some Canadian aid funding.

The Niayes region is feeling the effects of climate change and coastal erosion.

Trudeau is on a farm in Keri, about 50 kilometres outside the capital of Dakar, to witness how $14 million in Canadian aid over the last 10 years helped stimulate vegetable production.

The Program for Land Use and Economic Development of Niayes helped bring water pumps and solar panels.

Surrounded by sand dunes in every direction, the fields of cabbages, onions and tomatoes stand out as colourful patches of lush green against the dusty backdrop...Read More