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Farm Marketer is a Canadian digital media company that publishes agriculture content. We are the leading marketplace for rural and agriculture properties for sale in Canada and we are also home to the information that matters most to Canadian farmers; news, commodities, agriculture events and much more.

Our visitors, your future customers, are farmers from over 1,130 communities across Canada. They are progressive farmers who are visiting our website on a daily basis for the information they need to manage and grow their farming operations.

Are you looking to reach Canadian farmers?

If so, we can help. Our advertising solutions are designed to place companies like yours in front of Canadian farmers that need your products and services.

A Multi-Platform Brand

Reaching farmers with a multi-platform approach

Our engaging content is delivered with a multi-platform approach including: digital, social, event sponsorships, video and podcasts. Are you a part of the conversation? We can place your brand where farmers are spending their time.

Connect. Inform. Grow

1130+ Canadian Communities Reached

Digital Ad Solutions

Online Advertising is Business for the Modern World

Also known as online marketing or internet advertising, the potential for success is huge. Farm Marketer provides our clients with a well-rounded offering of digital advertising solutions designed to help companies reach Canadian farmers as they visit our website and interact with our content.

Email & Content Sponsorship

Email and Content Sponsorship are both effective marketing channels, allowing you to reach a wide audience and offering proven results. Both opportunities are a great tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key content.


Video & Audio Ad Solutions

Audio and video ads give you more opportunity to connect with our audience of Canadian Farmers. In this day and age, we are connected through mobile and desktop. Audio allows users to hear your message on the go. Video increases your chances of leads, converting to buyers.

Social Media Ad Solutions

It’s no secret that Social Media is everywhere and plays a big roll in today’s society. Social Media is essential in marketing yourself and expanding your business. Farm Marketer has thousands of active farmers in our social community. They trust our brand and they trust our content. Leverage our reputation and community to reach your target audience on the most popular social platforms.

Campaign Performance
We Love Helping Our Clients Succeed

Ultimatly, a campaign is only as good as the audience it reaches and the results it delivers. This is where our dedicated team of Digital Advertising Specialist and Ad Operations perfessionals come in.

 Delivering Performance

Our digital specialists are here to better help you understand our website visitors and work to develop a digital advertising campaign to match your advertising goals.

  • How do you reach your target audience?
  • Where and when should you deliver your ads?
  • What strategy would give your campaign the most impact?

 Winning Strategies

Once we have come up with a winning strategy to maximize your advertising dollars, our talented ad operations team handles each and every campaign with exceptional attention to detail.

  • Is the campaign on track, running smoothly and set to deliver strong results?
  • Is the client receiving premium positioning?
  • How is viewability and audience response?


The Farm Marketer Difference

We would like our clients to think of us as part of their marketing team. Before, during and after your campaign, we are here for your success. We welcome you to experience the Farm Marketer Difference.

Digital Advertising

Farm Marketer offers companies the ability to place their marketing message before a captivated audience actively looking to purchase a wide range of products and services.

Our widespread geographical reach makes Farm Marketer digital advertising an excellent choice for companies and media agencies that are looking to deliver a targeted message to their intended audience.

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"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time"

- Henry Ford

In all we do, our mission is simple.
We are dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers.