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General News
JUN. 27/17 Farmer fears future after Sobeys rejects $24,000 worth of strawberries
JUN. 27/17 World Food Prize goes to African Development Bank president
JUN. 27/17 ICE Futures Canada prices lower
JUN. 26/17 Brazil to try to reverse U.S. ban on Brazil meat
JUN. 26/17 Quebec issues warning on several raspberry products due to norovirus risk
JUN. 26/17 Italian farmers alarmed as dry spell prompts water rationing
JUN. 23/17 P.E.I. behind country in farm equity growth
JUN. 23/17 Horse owners agree to work with province to improve equine veterinary services
JUN. 23/17 U.S. to 'do no harm' in NAFTA: Lighthizer
JUN. 22/17 'Quite a nasty pest': Watch out for the brown marmorated stink bugs
JUN. 22/17 Ontario man heads to court after more than 1,000 pigs found dead: Ontario SPCA
JUN. 22/17 Mohawk seed keeper Terrylynn Brant aims to help next generation grow traditional foods
JUN. 21/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged
JUN. 21/17 Inside the Grain Revolution and the Future of Bread
JUN. 21/17 Grasshoppers Jump into the United States Food Market
JUN. 20/17 Cattle ranchers sue to return country-of-origin labeling
JUN. 20/17 2 immigrant farmworkers arrested after Ben & Jerry's march
JUN. 20/17 Forecast for food inflation lowered, but meat prices to jump in 2017: report
JUN. 19/17 N.B. government tracking hot spots for ticks carrying Lyme disease
JUN. 19/17 Volunteers plant thousands of trees along N.S. provincial border
JUN. 19/17 Sask. gov't outlines plan to transfer management of community pastures
JUN. 16/17 Flames destroy production facility at Blackwell Dairy in Kamloops, B.C.
JUN. 16/17 ICE Futures Canada Thursday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
JUN. 16/17 Public gets unique chance to spend the day on a dairy farm in the Shuswap
JUN. 15/17 'No better than a peasant': Labrador farmer frustrated by provincial regulations
JUN. 15/17 If it's not green on this map, it's a water source that's been hurt by climate change: report
JUN. 15/17 Alleged chicken abuse spurs body cameras requirement for farm workers
JUN. 14/17 Meet the farmer who wants to turn northern agriculture on its head
JUN. 14/17 California dreaming?: How climate change could remake B.C.'s agricultural industry
JUN. 14/17 Workers fired over alleged abuse caught on video at chicken farms in B.C.
JUN. 13/17 No, cows won't get drunk from eating barley used in distilling
JUN. 13/17 B.C. SPCA investigating 'absolutely sickening' alleged abuse of chickens
JUN. 13/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices mostly lower, barley unchanged
JUN. 12/17 Fear of losing blueberry growers as prices drop, crop soars
JUN. 12/17 Distilling it on the Rock: Vodka, gin coming out of Clarke's Beach
JUN. 12/17 New England's largest commercial greenhouse changing hands
JUN. 09/17 Could soil be the next carbon sink? UBC Okanagan to lead study
JUN. 09/17 Fort McMurray reviews not held back for political reasons
JUN. 09/17 Top court declines to hear Quebec maple syrup case
JUN. 08/17 India's rising temperatures are already deadly, study shows
JUN. 08/17 Greenhouse operators vowing to fight Queen's Park over minimum wage hike
JUN. 08/17 Alberta eliminates student fees for high school agriculture apprenticeship program
JUN. 07/17 Kentucky supplier recalls more than 22,000 pounds of beef
JUN. 07/17 Vice president's wife installs beehive at official residence
JUN. 07/17 Industry insiders decry dearth of women on the boards of corporate cannabis
JUN. 06/17 'Strong leader … good team player' wins WI agriculture award
JUN. 06/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices mixed, barley unchanged
JUN. 06/17 General Mills Supports Sustainable Grains
JUN. 05/17 Wet weather delays seeding season for Ontario farmers
JUN. 05/17 Saskatchewan truck driver killed in crash; several cattle in trailer put down
JUN. 05/17 Farmers decry Trump plans to cut agriculture subsidies
JUN. 02/17 Canadians asked to weigh in on food policy
JUN. 02/17 81% of 2017 Saskatchewan crop now seeded
JUN. 02/17 Saputo shares down after results fall short
JUN. 01/17 Fields to Forks: Huron County- Green's Meat Market
JUN. 01/17 ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices mostly higher, barley unchanged
JUN. 01/17 Millets, Sorghum, and Grain Legumes: the Smart Foods of the Future
MAY. 31/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged
MAY. 31/17 The Food Sustainability Index: Fostering the Global Shift Towards a More Sustainable Food System
MAY. 31/17 Challenge of Change: Highlighting Challenges and Solutions to Global Food Security
MAY. 30/17 ICE Futures Canada prices lower
MAY. 30/17 Zimbabwe tobacco is booming, but farmers growing it are not
MAY. 30/17 Organic Commercial Farming in the Southwest
MAY. 29/17 B.C. small farms are booming, despite fickle buyers and extreme weather
MAY. 29/17 Calls for chicken irradiation to prevent illness
MAY. 29/17 India's limits on selling cattle could hurt industry
MAY. 26/17 Range of conditions as Sask. farmers try to complete seeding
MAY. 26/17 Wild horses could be sold for slaughter in Trump budget plan
MAY. 26/17 ICE Futures Canada prices lower
MAY. 25/17 Canada-bound phosphate shipment from Western Sahara released by Panama
MAY. 25/17 ICE Futures Canada prices lower
MAY. 25/17 Sustainable Coffee Challenge: Driving Commitments Across the Coffee Industry
MAY. 24/17 Waterloo gets $1.9M to study greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural sector
MAY. 24/17 'They have piercing, sucking mouths' and could be bound for Nova Scotia
MAY. 24/17 Court denies appeal for egg executives in salmonella case
MAY. 23/17 German minister for food and agriculture visits P.E.I.
MAY. 23/17 Behind the barn doors at Edmonton's urban farm
MAY. 23/17 Fundraising site for Nunavut greenhouse draws dollars, encouragement and advice
MAY. 19/17 Three B.C. dairy workers who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty get jail time
MAY. 19/17 Agricultural runoff complaints increase on P.E.I.
MAY. 19/17 Why Trump's combative trade stance makes US farmers nervous
MAY. 18/17 Abbotsford could convert some protected farmland to industrial use
MAY. 18/17 Bee industry buzzing: Stolen hives recovered in California
MAY. 18/17 New Zealand quake scientists discover surprise: Hot water
MAY. 17/17 Young students explore the world of agriculture
MAY. 17/17 Ottawa to require rail locomotive recorders
MAY. 17/17 Canada to start debating price of legal pot
MAY. 16/17 Thunder Bay community garden concerns 'overblown', Ontario urban agriculture expert says
MAY. 16/17 B.C. boasts the highest proportion of female farmers in Canada, according to 2016 agriculture census
MAY. 16/17 Man arrested after liquid manure sprayed outside Quebec farmers' union office
MAY. 15/17 Federal government strikes advisory panel to look into reopening prison farms
MAY. 15/17 Idaho asks appeals court to uphold ban on spying at farms
MAY. 15/17 Angry reaction to restaurant serving horse meat blown out of proportion: chef
MAY. 12/17 How climate change changed the way people cook in developing countries
MAY. 12/17 As farmers worry, U.S. Agriculture Department will promote trade
MAY. 12/17 King canola, fewer cows, aging producers: Digging into the agriculture census
MAY. 11/17 Farms growing and crop sizes increasing, even as farmers' ranks dwindle
MAY. 11/17 Australia warns travellers to not bring in hitchhiking toads
MAY. 11/17 Fewer farms and farmers in northern Ontario, says Census
MAY. 10/17 Farmers offered financial carrot to help save threatened wood turtle

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