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General News
MAY. 25/17 Canada-bound phosphate shipment from Western Sahara released by Panama
MAY. 25/17 ICE Futures Canada prices lower
MAY. 25/17 Sustainable Coffee Challenge: Driving Commitments Across the Coffee Industry
MAY. 24/17 Waterloo gets $1.9M to study greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural sector
MAY. 24/17 'They have piercing, sucking mouths' and could be bound for Nova Scotia
MAY. 24/17 Court denies appeal for egg executives in salmonella case
MAY. 23/17 German minister for food and agriculture visits P.E.I.
MAY. 23/17 Behind the barn doors at Edmonton's urban farm
MAY. 23/17 Fundraising site for Nunavut greenhouse draws dollars, encouragement and advice
MAY. 19/17 Three B.C. dairy workers who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty get jail time
MAY. 19/17 Agricultural runoff complaints increase on P.E.I.
MAY. 19/17 Why Trump's combative trade stance makes US farmers nervous
MAY. 18/17 Abbotsford could convert some protected farmland to industrial use
MAY. 18/17 Bee industry buzzing: Stolen hives recovered in California
MAY. 18/17 New Zealand quake scientists discover surprise: Hot water
MAY. 17/17 Young students explore the world of agriculture
MAY. 17/17 Ottawa to require rail locomotive recorders
MAY. 17/17 Canada to start debating price of legal pot
MAY. 16/17 Thunder Bay community garden concerns 'overblown', Ontario urban agriculture expert says
MAY. 16/17 B.C. boasts the highest proportion of female farmers in Canada, according to 2016 agriculture census
MAY. 16/17 Man arrested after liquid manure sprayed outside Quebec farmers' union office
MAY. 15/17 Federal government strikes advisory panel to look into reopening prison farms
MAY. 15/17 Idaho asks appeals court to uphold ban on spying at farms
MAY. 15/17 Angry reaction to restaurant serving horse meat blown out of proportion: chef
MAY. 12/17 How climate change changed the way people cook in developing countries
MAY. 12/17 As farmers worry, U.S. Agriculture Department will promote trade
MAY. 12/17 King canola, fewer cows, aging producers: Digging into the agriculture census
MAY. 11/17 Farms growing and crop sizes increasing, even as farmers' ranks dwindle
MAY. 11/17 Australia warns travellers to not bring in hitchhiking toads
MAY. 11/17 Fewer farms and farmers in northern Ontario, says Census
MAY. 10/17 Farmers offered financial carrot to help save threatened wood turtle
MAY. 10/17 Weaver makes pit-stop in Kelowna
MAY. 10/17 ICE Futures Canada prices higher
MAY. 09/17 Rare French flowers destroyed in Australian quarantine drama
MAY. 09/17 Tomayto, tomahto? P.E.I. greenhouses take different approaches to blight resistant varieties
MAY. 09/17 Marijuana sector pioneer launches venture
MAY. 08/17 Researchers seek better ways to farm popular Pacific fish
MAY. 08/17 Iceland drills 4.7 kilometres down into volcano to tap clean energy
MAY. 08/17 U of S, prof under fire for Monsanto ties
MAY. 05/17 Owner of Yorkton marijuana production centre opens up about new facility
MAY. 05/17 Woman who gave water to pigs bound for slaughter not guilty of mischief
MAY. 05/17 1 million acres of 2016 crop still not fully harvested in Saskatchewan
MAY. 04/17 Wheat dreams: Gluten-free diets don't help non-celiacs, study finds
MAY. 04/17 Drones, drones on the range: ranchers take to the sky to monitor herds
MAY. 04/17 ICE Futures Canada prices mixed
MAY. 03/17 Lessons in Urban and Organic Gardening in the Southwest
MAY. 03/17 A Global Effort to Fight Food Waste
MAY. 03/17 Six Food Innovation Opportunities for Young People to Get Paid
MAY. 01/17 A robot that picks apples? Replacing humans worries some
MAY. 01/17 Nunavut teacher crowdfunding to buy greenhouse for students
MAY. 01/17 Unharvested crops, wet spring causing headaches for Prairie farmers
APR. 28/17 No Zika found in Florida mosquito samples so far: officials
APR. 28/17 Alberta replaces sacked board at controversial farm loan agency
APR. 28/17 Trudeau defends carbon tax after farm visit
APR. 27/17 Spinning some yarns: Small farm gets help to create woolen mill
APR. 27/17 Canada-U.S. wage 'polite, amicable' trade war
APR. 27/17 PotashCorp sees better conditions ahead
APR. 26/17 $5M more to hire youth for green agriculture projects
APR. 26/17 Richmond recommends 11,000-sq.-ft. farmhouse restrictions
APR. 26/17 Honey seller shifts to all-Canadian sweetener
APR. 25/17 Wisconsin dairy farms face closure due to Canadian policies
APR. 25/17 'Back to basics': Shelburne exhibition gets creative after departure of midway operator
APR. 25/17 Saskatchewan man dead after workplace accident at feed business east of Edmonton
APR. 24/17 Researchers hope breakthrough will lead to test for bovine tuberculosis
APR. 24/17 New medical marijuana facility to bring 300 new jobs
APR. 24/17 Reduce, reuse and recycle food waste for Earth Day
APR. 21/17 Dairy protected 'for good reason,' Trudeau says; Trump calls Canada's actions a 'disgrace'
APR. 21/17 Canada softwood industry seeks China sales
APR. 21/17 Canadian company working on topical cream containing medical marijuana
APR. 20/17 Why is a conservation group calling on Canadians to 'soil your undies'?
APR. 20/17 ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
APR. 20/17 On Canadian milk, Trump's just a louder Obama
APR. 19/17 Couillard will defend Quebec dairy farmers against Trump's promises
APR. 19/17 Almost time to plant for P.E.I. potato farmers
APR. 19/17 Argentine lemon ban Trump protectionism or sanitary measure?
APR. 18/17 Kentucky burns commercially grown hemp with too much THC
APR. 18/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
APR. 18/17 Firefighters cut paths through ice to shore to save Alberta horses
APR. 17/17 Agriculture industry must adjust to climate change
APR. 17/17 Professional scarecrows watch over Quebec's fields as spring migration begins
APR. 17/17 'A victory for pigs': Activists applaud P.E.I. pig scramble decision
APR. 13/17 Province posts locations and use of P.E.I.'s 288 high capacity wells
APR. 13/17 2nd Annual Gumboot Gala Fundraiser
APR. 13/17 Farmers dismayed that USDA delays fair practice rule
APR. 12/17 Small-town paper's editor wins Pulitzer for taking on farm groups
APR. 12/17 Jump in P.E.I. farmland prices 'good news story that has a dark side'
APR. 12/17 Fresh, local food planned at 3 P.E.I. schools under new $100K program
APR. 11/17 New museum reveals Italy's power of poo
APR. 11/17 CTV Morning Live: Agriculture and Food Museum 1
APR. 11/17 Use of cyanide traps to kill coyotes halted in Idaho after ugly incident
APR. 10/17 ICE Futures Canada Friday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
APR. 10/17 KFC to stop using chickens raised with human antibiotics
APR. 10/17 Opportunity to Grow and Connect Agroecological Farmers
APR. 07/17 In the age of kale and 'whole food' trends, margarine sees sales melt
APR. 07/17 Northeast agri-food collective to launch in spring 2018
APR. 07/17 Food expert raises concerns that garlic powder may contain inferior ingredients
APR. 06/17 ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
APR. 06/17 Securing Land Rights in Zambia
APR. 06/17 Keri Glassman: "Buy local whenever possible"
APR. 05/17 Byerlee, Falcon, and Naylor: "Tropical vegetable oils could be produced sustainably"

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